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Private Driving. Don’t have time for a full driver’s education course. We offer a behind-the-wheel training only option. Customized to your schedule.

Teen drivers, parents, driving instructors and safety advocates can rely on AAA to provide reliable safety information and resources.

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Helping drivers become safe drivers. The computer-based teenSMART program teaches skills proven to dramatically reduce teen driver crash frequency and severity.

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For Parents. You want to equip your teen to be safe behind-the-wheel. Teen Driver Academy prepares teens beyond what they would learn in a traditional driver’s education classroom, and delivers expert tips from a highly-qualified, professional truck driver.

TeenDriving.com promotes safe driving for teens and new drivers and is a top- ranked teen driving site on the web. It features hundreds of driving tips including ones for driving around town, around college, driving in bad weather, driving in the country, tips for buying a used car, finding an online driving course, tire safety, selecting auto

“Sadly, traffic crashes are the leading cause of death for people age 15 to 20. My top goal as your Secretary of State is to save lives by reducing fatal traffic crashes.

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NHTSA’s Teen Driving site contains information on States’ driver licensing requirements for teens as well as ideas and resources to help you—the parents—lay down the ground rules with your aspiring driver before you hand over the car keys.

Driving college and Schedule. The B.R.A.K.E.S. Teen Pro-Active Driving college is a free, defensive driving program. The college is designed for teenagers (aged 15-19) who already have a learner’s permit or driver’s license and have at least thirty hours of …

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Stay Involved. It’s important to set strong household rules and practice with your teen driver—even after they have a license. Learn More

Teach new drivers safe driving habits even when you’re not there with Chevrolet’s Teen Driver technology.