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A nipple shield, or as some new mothers have called it a ” breast shield” or “nipple guard” is used as a breastfeeding tool to help assist some babies with …

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What is a nipple shield? A nipple shield is a flexible silicone nipple that is worn over the mother’s own nipple during breastfeeding. Why would I consider one?

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Breastfeeding can be hard at times, especially early on. Here are solutions to common problems women face when breastfeeding.

Located in Central lower Michigan For more information, call (517) 285-7819 or email [email protected] Laura Spitzfaden International Board Certified Lactation Consultant providing in-home visits for breastfeeding support in Lansing, Michigan and surrounding communities

Medela supports breastfeeding moms and babies with a variety of breastpumps, breastpump accessories, breastfeeding products and nursing intimate apparel. We also offer breastfeeding information, support and tips.

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Breastfeeding, also known as nursing, is the feeding of babies and ren with milk from a woman’s breast. Health professionals recommend that breastfeeding begin within the first hour of a baby’s life and continue as often and as much as the baby wants.

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Frequently Asked Questions. The Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to deliver answers to common questions asked by moms and professionals. Please visit this section often for a quick answer to your question.

A pacifier (American English) or dummy (British English), also known as a binky, soother (Canadian English) or teether, is a rubber, plastic or silicone nipple given to an infant to suck upon.

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When it comes to tools in the breastfeeding tool box, nipple shields are my favorite. There are a lot of people out there that would criticize me for that, siting that nipple shields are “cheating” or lower milk supply.

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Medela Nipple Shields can be an effective tool for professionals and moms to manage infants with latch-on problems, for moms with overactive let-downs or …

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