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Continued What Are the Signs of a Concussion? Concussions can be tricky to diagnose. Though you may have a visible cut or bruise on your head, you can’t actually see a concussion.

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BrainPad Mouthguards and Protective Gear. Walmart stores offer limited Brain-Pad styles. To review all styles/colors/sizes visit

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Oral Mart is one-stop shop for a premium sports mouth guard for s/adults. Molding our mouth guards is very easy with step-by-step instruction. Roller Derby, Boxing, Sparring, Lacrosse, Basketball, Rugby, Flag Football,Hockey, Football, Soccer, Martial Arts, Karate, MMA, UFC, Taekwondo, BJJ, Muay Thai.

Venum Predator Mouth Guard. Venum are another brand that are known to make some of the best combat mouthguards for both MMA and Boxing. The Venum Predator Mouth Guard provides a perfect combination of unbelievable comfort, flexibility, and …

Why Does My Jaw Hurt on One Side When I Chew? Jaw pain can start off mild and gradually become intense, or it can just happen suddenly while chewing,

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and concussions in sports is a growing epidemic. Parents, teachers, and coaches are looking for an answer. Now researchers and engineers may have found one solution, with a technologically advanced mouth guard that can detect concussions. A team of engineers and

Accurate, real-time head impact monitoring technology. Concussions can result in a variety of health issues, including cognitive and behavioral problems, as well as Second Impact Syndrome, which can cause death.

Kevin Love’s latest injury could have been a lot worse. The Cavs big man endured an elbow to the face and was forced to leave Clevaland’s 98-79 loss to the Heat on Tuesday after experiencing concussion-like symptoms. Love was re-evaluated Wednesday morning, placed in the NBA’s concussion

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A mouthguard is a protective device for the mouth that covers the teeth and gums to prevent and reduce injury to the teeth, arches, lips and gums.A mouthguard is most often used to prevent injury in contact sports, as a treatment for bruxism or TMD, or as part of certain dental procedures, such as tooth bleaching or sleep apnea.