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Apr 05, 2018 · The album was funded by MGM Resorts International and its songs are intended to function as wedding anthems for same-sex couples. Gay weddings account for between 20 percent and 30 percent of the ceremonies performed at the company’s 15 hotels in Las Vegas, said Jim Murren, its chief executive.

Welcome to the zonicweb museum of bad album covers.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs

Format advantages. At the time the LP was introduced, nearly all phonograph records for home use were made of an abrasive (and therefore noisy) shellac compound, employed a much larger groove, and played at approximately 78 revolutions per minute (rpm), limiting the playing time of a 12-inch diameter record to less than five minutes per side.

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Lady Gaga Elton John cover: Lady Gaga has released a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song” taken from a forthcoming tribute album to the musical legend.

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There is a music for anything! (some of it must be heard to be believed) Vintage LP record covers are a constant source of hilarity and great amusement to us. Of course, there is a well-known (and totally wonderful) tune “Music to Watch teens Go By”, but turns out, there is a record album for just

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Designer Alex Steinweiss invented the Lp record album cover for Columbia and designed the basic lay out for Remington Lp covers to be filled in as well by other artists and designers like Curt John Witt, Otto Rado, H.Kaebitz, Wattley, Leonard Slonevsky, Albitz, Rudolf de Harak and Einhorn – though the Columbia 6 eye record label was …

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Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of record covers from the golden age of LPs

Gay Album Covers 119

Gay man were an English rock band formed in London that broke up in 2002. The line-up of the band has included Cliff Jones (guitarist/vocalist), Nick “Baz” Crowe (), James Riseboro (keyboardist), Nigel Hoyle and Charley Stone

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Saudi Arabia and its neighboring Middle East countries are notorious for censoring ‘sexual’ album covers by female artists. Record companies are …