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The Affinity Group Coalition is comprised of representatives from the Independent Public Television Station Association (formerly Beta), the Joint Licensee Group, the Public Television Major Market Group,

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The Amputee Coalition is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for amputees and their families, improving patient care and preventing limb loss.

National Hispanic Media Coalition. The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) is the media watch for the Latino community, ensuring that we are fairly and consistently represented in news and entertainment and that our voices are heard over the airwaves and on the internet.

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Media Access Canada (MAC) is a not for profit organization working towards a system of fully accessible broadcast content by 2020. To do this MAC is:

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Love the music. Empower the artists. Support fair pay for all music on all platforms.

Leadership Council Welcomes Expertise of the College Board. The STEM Education Coalition is excited to announce the College Board has joined our Leadership Council.

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Thank you for your inquiry. We’ll be in touch with you to confirm your company or group’s registration with Stand for Alaska.

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Governments are involved in every step of energy innovation, from funding the basic research to translating that research into investment-worthy projects to regulating technologies as they are deployed in the market.

AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power (ACT UP) is an international direct action advocacy group working to impact the lives of people with AIDS (PWAs) and the AIDS pandemic to bring about legislation, medical research and treatment and policies to ultimately bring an end to the disease by mitigating loss of health and lives.